BTN- Performance Poetry

LINK- SUMMARY-PINK RECALLS-BLUE QUESTIONS-LILAC INSIGHT-PURPLE   This BTN was about a boy who started poetry when he was 9. It was mostly about slam poetry.   Slam Poetry is unstructured. Using emotion is very important in poetry. Slam poetry is meant to be performed.    What’s the easiest form of poetry? How long did it […]

BTN- Humans in Space

Summary- PINK Facts-BLUE Questions-LILAC Understanding-PURPLE This BTN video was about THE Humans in Space and all the Space Missions that have happened so far.     On April 12, 1969 Yuri Gagarin became the first person to make it into space. Spaceships can cost billions of dollars to develop and launch. On July 11, 1969, […]

BTN- Mars Test

SUMMARY-PINK RECALLS-BLUE QUESTION-LILAC UNDERSTANDING-PURPLE   This BTN was about a group of people who volunteered to test what life would be like living on Mars.   NASA put 6 people into a dome on the side of a volcano in Hawaii. The bubble is 11 metres wide and was built to give those 6 people […]

BTN- The Solar System

LINK- RECALLS- BLUE QUESTIONS- LILAC UNDERSTANDINGS- PURPLE   Our solar system is divided into 2 categories, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are terrestrial planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are gas giants. Mars has a mountain that is 26km high and it’s more than 3 times as high as Mount Everest. Jupiter draws most of […]

BTN- Mars Mission

LINK- SUMMARY-PINK RECALLS-BLUE UNDERSTANDINGS-PURPLE QUESTIONS-LILAC   This BTN was about a robot called curiosity and its mission to mars.   A robot the size of a car landed on mars. The robot is called curiosity It was an 8 month journey to get curious to land on Mars.   The aim for curiosity is to […]