BTN Reflection- What is Democracy

LINK Summary-PINK Recalls- BLUE Understandings- PURPLE Questions- LILAC   In the Ancient Greek times Democracy was created. Women, slaves and people who were too poor weren’t allowed to vote though. That still left a lot of men to vote. By the middle ages Monarchy was really popular. Monarchy is when the country is ruled by […]

SRC Speech

Good morning/ afternoon 5/6A, My name is Sofia and I have been at this school for 6 years and this is now my 7th. I have always wanted to be SRC and have tried out for it every year but never gotten the role. I have experience in leadership as I am currently House Captain […]

BTN- Magna Carta

LINK SUMMARY-PINK RECALLS-BLUE UNDERSTANDING-PURPLE QUESTIONS-LILAC   This video was about how the Magna Carta was established. When King John, who was a cruel and unfair king was ruling over England a lot of people were unhappy. Some of the barons got together and decided that they would meet with king john to negotiate some rules. […]

Letter to Libby

Dear Libby, I am really excited to be in your class for the first time. I know that we will have a fantastic year!! I am 10 years old and I turn 11 on the 11th of February. I am a very neat and organised person too. My favourite subject is Literacy and I don’t […]

New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope everyone had a really good 2017! I can’t wait for 2018!

Trust ***EDIT***

Trust is important, and i would know I was scared But time was ticking We were paired But I didn’t trust him There were so many lifts I didn’t want to fall But dancing was one of my gifts But trust still matters What if he drops me, and my body just scatters Trust does […]