My Holiday at Harry Potter Studio

I was so exited to go into Harry Potter studio that I could feel the adrenilne pumping through my body as we walked in. I looked around at the amazing and beautiful Great Hall of Hogwarrts. The costumes were incredible and I actully learnt something I never knew before. Hagrids face is robotic. My favorite part was when I got to buy Hermione Granger’s wand. Then we went straight through and I had a glass of Butterbeer. Then we quickly skimmed through the rest. I also bought some amazing gifts. I loved Harry Potter Studio, it was the BEST experience!!!!!!

3 Responses

  1. sofiama2016 says:

    I hope you liked my retell about Harry Potter Studio

  2. goldenh5 says:

    you are so obsessed with harry potter!!!!!!!
    at lest you did 100 words though.

  3. sofiama2016 says:

    well, i did go to harry potter studios. what else was i supposed to write about? PINK? 🙂

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