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BTN-The Encounter

LINK-BTN SUMMARY- PINK RECALLS-BLUE QUESTIONS- LILAC INSIGHTS- PURPLE   This BTN clip was about a young Aboriginal girl called Waruwi. She’s wandering in the bush with her dog and finds a cow. She doesn’t know what it is though. She hears the drums and sees the Britain, who they call ‘Ghost People’, walking with a drummer […]

My SRC Speech

SRC Speech I think I would make a great SRC as I have great leadership skills, exceptional listening skills and I am a great public speaker. I have been in Tournament of Minds many times and that involves making scripts and talking in front of audiences. I am a great leader because I lead without being […]

Letter to Ant

Hi Ant, This is my first year in your class. I’m sure that I will learn so much and we will have an amazing year. I am so excited! I live with my Mum, Dad and little sister. I have no pets but I love dogs. Especially cavoodles. I love looking after my cousins puppy […]

Safer Internet Day

Today was Safer Internet Day and our school did a webinar. There were 128 countries involved and we were able to answer questions through TodaysMeet. We learnt that once you start posting things online you form a digital footprint. We learnt strategies to stop and make sure that we don’t get cyber bullied and what […]