My SRC Speech

SRC Speech

I think I would make a great SRC as I have great leadership skills, exceptional listening skills and I am a great public speaker. I have been in Tournament of Minds many times and that involves making scripts and talking in front of audiences. I am a great leader because I lead without being bossy. I am also very organised. I am neat and NEVER forget my homework. I am confident and have great communication skills. More importantly, I have a caring attitude always helping other people when they are confused with a task. I am willing to give up my recess and lunchtimes to have meetings to discuss what we can do to improve the school e.g. Fundraisers, raising money for new equipment and special events.

At assembly I would be happy and confident to speak and inform the students and parents on what we have been doing to improve the school. I would also love to host some of the lunchtime clubs if required.

I will be a great role model to the younger students and make sure that they are following by the school rules and values. I live the by the school values because I respect people, I collaborate well, and I am very optimistic and like I said before I have a caring attitude. I will be very committed and show up to all meetings. I will also hear out other peoples ideas.

I am a very responsible and dedicated student. I am a great role model because I like helping the new preps and I encourage them if they are concerned or worried. Also if they are lonely I can go up to them and see whats wrong and maybe find them a friend to play with.

I would love to be 5/6C’s SRC rep because I have never been one and have always dreamed of being one since I started school. I also want to be school captain and I feel that this would be a great opportunity to practice at a leadership role.

That is why I would love to be 5/6C’S SRC rep for 2017.

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