BTN-The Encounter







This BTN clip was about a young Aboriginal girl called Waruwi. She’s wandering in the bush with her dog and finds a cow. She doesn’t know what it is though. She hears the drums and sees the Britain, who they call ‘Ghost People’, walking with a drummer in the front. She quickly climbs up a tree so she can see where they are going. After she runs home to find Nana and tells her what she saw.

 The Aborigines didn’t like the Britain and they don’t want the Britain to find out that they are the only one on the land or otherwise they will never leave. Aboriginals live in camps and aren’t used to cows. They also use Fires to get rid of mosquitoes.

What would Nana have done is she saw cow and the drummer?

Why did the Britain bring a cow?

Aboriginals don’t like the British and aren’t used to British animals.



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