Cape Bridgewater Costal Camp

I was sitting on the bus waving goodbye to my sister and my mum. I was totally ready for camp and totally excited about the activities. I was mostly looking forward to Surfing and Snorkeling.

It was a LONG drive to Camp 5 hours on a bus. 5 hours? On the bus I was a so board. But a book always takes me into another world. So I read. We stopped for recess and lunch and I took some amazing photos on the bus.

When we FINALLY got to camp I was so relieved. I couldn’t wait to find out who was in my cabin and group. Unfortunately we had to go on a 2 hour walk before we could unpack. 2 HOURS!! Are you trying to torture us teachers? At least on the way up it was up hill so on the way down it would be downhill.

When I found out who was in my cabin I could have yelled so loud that my lodge and my cabin would’ve had no wear to sleep. It was a good scream. I had everyone on my list and even the other friends that I forgot to put down.

When I found out that we were doing surfing the next day I was so excited, but so nervous at the same time. At least I was doing surfing with all my friends. At the end of Surfing I wasn’t even sure on why I was worried. Heidi and I were professionals at it. I reckon I surfed more than 20 waves.

Camp was probably the best camp I have been on so far. Soo much fun. Our cabin was so messy though. By the time I got home I was exhausted. But I had the time of my LIFE!!!



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  1. brynn2016 says:

    Hi Sophia, I loved this reflection. You gave a good idea of what happened and I felt as though I could really relate on some bits! Like the cabins part and how reading can really pass time. I thought it was really fun and playful. The thing I noticed was a few spelling mistakes. As you get older and into year 6 those things will come easier, but just make sure to double check before you post it. Great job Sophia!
    – Brynn

  2. sofiama2016 says:

    Thanks Brynn.
    I will make sure that i double check.

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