Federation Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I strongly believe it would be wise to give Federation another go. After all we have more reasons now. I believe we should all try Federation because it would be much easier to create laws. I think a strong law would be to let women vote. South Australia have already made it a law and I feel it’s a great idea!

 Another reason why we should give Federation another go is because we have a severe system issue. For example, if someone from Melbourne wants to come to Sydney to sell jewellery, watches, food and goods they have to pay tax. That means they won’t earn as much profit as they would if they did not have to pay tax. If we tried Federation this wouldn’t happen.

Overall I think the main reason to give Federation another go is that the laws need to change. It is terribly disgusting that women cannot vote! Outrages and wrong also. They are no different to men so they should be able to vote!

Thank you for your time and Patience.

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