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This video was about a guy called Anh Do and how hard it was for him to come from Vietnam to Australia by boat. It took his family 5 days to come from Vietnam to Australia. On the way they he said that he had 2 pirate attacks. One of the involved his little brother being held over the ship by his neck and being threatened by a pirate to throw him over. In the end they were rescued by a German ship. The German through Anh Do’s dad an axe and he interpreted that they had to cut a whole in their boat so that the German could save them. when they got to Australia people were very welcoming and some nuns person gave the family 2 bags of clothes.

That back in that day there used to be Pirates that came and threatened to kill.

Anh Do and his family were very lucky to have escaped and lived

Even though there was a mix up in the translation and the mum ended up having half a bag of clothes for a boy and the other half for a girl she was still very grateful and didn’t care that she had two boys and there were clothes for a little boy and girl but she made the most out of what she had.

Why didn’t the German just rescue them, why did he make them cut a whole in their boat?

If they had special belongings on the boat would there have been time to gather that before they hopped on the ship?

Now days People are much nicer because if you were to cross the seas now with 2 children a pirate wouldn’t come and threaten your child to death.






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