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BTN- Coral Bleaching

LINK-BTN SUMMARY- PINK RECALLS- BLUE INSIGHT- PURPLE QUESTIONS- LILAC This video was about Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef could be lost forever if we don’t take care of it properly. Lot’s of coral in The Great Barrier Reef is turning white. This is known as Coral Bleaching. The Great […]

The Greater Bilby Adaptations Predictions

I think that an adaptation for The Greater Bilby might be its big ears. A reason for this might be; when it gets cool it can cover more surface area. Another Adaptation might be its claws so it can dig holes in the ground quicker. I don’t know much about this animal so I am […]

GDP turned into Graph

Graph This Graph is about GDP per capita in 2010 in US dollars.   This is the data we used This is the right Graph for this information because it shows the data in a way that can be easily analysed. From this I can see that the US earn a lot of money in […]

100 Word Challenge

Prompt:        I can’t believe my parents just did this to me! All I said was that it wasn’t my fault that my room was untidy, it was my sisters because she just chucks clothes all over my room. Guess what they did? They BANNED me from eating dinner! Anyway, I was sitting […]

BTN- Skinny Model Laws

LINK- BTN SUMMARY- PINK RECALLS- BLUE INSIGHT- PURPLE QUESTIONS- LILAC This BTN clip was about skinny models. Many models who are still teenagers feel pressured to lose weight and look thin. Pressure can also be felt by the young people who that see the images everywhere. From now on for a model to be eligible […]

BTN- Technology Challenge

LINK- BTN SUMMARY- PINK RECALLS- BLUE QUESTIONS- LILAC INSIGHT- PURPLE This video w as about a Year 7 class trying to go 3 days with, without or just 2 hours with technology. When one girl realised that she had to go 3 days without her technology she said that she would be pretty upset and […]

BTN- Homework Debate

LINK- BTN SUMMARY- PINK RECALLS- BLUE INSIGHTS- PURPLE QUESTIONS- LILAC This BTN clip was about a debate about primary school aged kids having homework. I think that when you get into Grade 5/6 you should get homework to get prepared for high school, but before that I don’t think we should get homework. Professor Richard […]