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This BTN clip was about a debate about primary school aged kids having homework. I think that when you get into Grade 5/6 you should get homework to get prepared for high school, but before that I don’t think we should get homework. Professor Richard says that “for primary school kids homework won’t lead to better grades and that less homework is better…”

Homework should be quality homework and it should be a little bit more interesting. Maybe even something that you can do with your parents.

The quality of homework needs to be improved

Less homework is better

Even though it won’t lead to better grades and you might not enjoy it, it can help you manage your own learning and to be more organised with your time.

Home work doesn’t help you get better grades.

There is A BTN clip that states that technology is bad ( here is the link) , Now days most homework is done on computers so wouldn’t this mean that homework isn’t as good?

What do you think, Homework for Primary school aged kids or no homework?

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  1. antsclass says:

    Interesting topic isn’t it Sofia. I always felt of homework as something that should build up during primary school so that kids get slowly used to what they’ll need to be ready for in high school…and also that it’s a great way to learn about personal responsibility and organisation.
    However, I think it’s really important to pay attention to scientific research, and there is more and more research coming out indicating that homework may not be helpful for learning. I’m interested to find out what the studies say, but until then….I love reading YOUR homework!
    Well done,

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