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This video w as about a Year 7 class trying to go 3 days with, without or just 2 hours with technology. When one girl realised that she had to go 3 days without her technology she said that she would be pretty upset and just hide in her room. A guy called Alex got to have unlimited technology and he was happy about it. One other girl got to use Technology for 2 hours a day. She said that she would be quite upset because she would be left out of group chats and she would miss her tech. At the end of the challenge most of the kids said that you don’t need to have Technology to have fun and it is more fun socialising with your friends and family. Only one girl called Cerys said that the challenge didn’t change the way she used technology and she will always use it the way she does.

Most kids spend 7-8 hours of technology a day! (Which I believe is ridiculous).

71% of the class use their technology 4+ hours a day!

People use Technology way too much.


Most of the class said that their challenge wasn’t as bad an s they thought it would be and that they should spend less time using their technology and more time going outside and socialising.


How do they spend that much time on their technology and still be able to do their homework and go to bed early for school?

Did most of the kids put a limit on their technology use?

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  1. antsclass says:

    This is an outstanding reflection. I can tell that you have thought deeply about the topic- it is clear that it is something that you care about. You use statistics to support your opinion, draw conclusions for your insight, and make connections when you create your questions. You organise your thoughts in a way that lets the reader follow what you are saying, and learn as they go.
    This is an issue that deserves a lot of careful thought and is so important to kids these days,
    well done,

  2. phoebe2014 says:

    Hi Sofia
    Good job on this. I found out a lot on this topic, it was very interesting. One thing I would say is that most of the things in your summary would be recalls. The summary should just be one sentence, where as the three recalls don’t have to be a sentence long. You have very interesting questions and your insight is really creative.
    Good job,
    Phoebe 😀

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