I just love watching the sun set by the wide lake. It’s just so beautiful. I just wish that stupid tree would move. Most of the time it blocks my view and all I see is the colors fading from the sky. Today it was my birthday and I made a wish that the tree would today fall. I walked by the lake this evening. The tree was still there. But then I saw something orange. Then i realised it was a crocodile. Within seconds my wish came true, the massive tree collapsed right on top of the crocodile. A huge wave of relief crowded my thoughts. No more crocodile.

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  1. indigo2014 says:

    Hey Sofia!
    That was a really cool writing piece. It really illustrated what the character was feeling! One thing is that I didn’t see the word orange in it…I may be blind and not be able to see it but I looked over it twice! 😄 Good job!
    Keep Writing…

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