BTN- Skinny Model Laws






This BTN clip was about skinny models. Many models who are still teenagers feel pressured to lose weight and look thin. Pressure can also be felt by the young people who that see the images everywhere. From now on for a model to be eligible for a job in Italy, Spain, Israel and France (See recalls that are in blue) they have to have a doctor’s certificate to prove that they are a healthy weight.

From October if an ad in France has been digitally altered a models appearance then they have to be honest about it and say that it has been re-touched on the photo of the model. If the advertisers don’t do this they could face up to a fine of $55,000.


Some kids in this video stated that “That the people were photo shopping images which made the models look unreal, fake and like plastic.” Even people find that it’s not just women who get photo shopped. It’s also guys. Another kids said that “the images might make people think that they are not normal.”


Italy, Spain and Israel already have made a law that ban models from working if they are unhealthily skinny. France is now doing the same which is a big deal since France is the fashion capital of the world.

Experts actually say that these images of the models could have bad effect on young people, especially because it could make them think that they have to look a certain way that isn’t always healthy.

A lot of the stuff in the magazines is photo shopped.


Even though some people are naturally skinny trying to look really skinny isn’t always healthy and could lead to some bug issues.


How many models feel pressured?

How do people make the models feel pressured without it coming out sounding rude or mean?

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