100 Word Challenge

Prompt: fast supper Gloucester cathedral




I can’t believe my parents just did this to me! All I said was that it wasn’t my fault that my room was untidy, it was my sisters because she just chucks clothes all over my room. Guess what they did? They BANNED me from eating dinner! Anyway, I was sitting outside on the swing sulking because I was starving and then I saw a butterfly. I sat and stared at it for a minute, I didn’t move. Then I got up and walked towards it. I followed the butterfly until I saw something amazing. A FREE hamburger place with a giant sculpture of a hamburger. Yes, I thought, FOOD!



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  1. ak says:

    Hi Sofia,

    I really like your use of punctuation, the exclamation marks really add emphasis! I really like the use of bold and italics too, however some more adjectives could be used to describe the hands, just so the reader can really visualise the image in their head!
    Well done!

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