The Greater Bilby Adaptations Project Reflection

This term in Integrated Studies we had to do an adaptations project on an animal that has adapted over time to an environment, specifically I the desert. My partner was Jake and our animal was The Greater Bilby. It was a really fun and interesting term. I really enjoyed myself doing this project and finding out what helps this amazing animal survive in the desert. I also enjoyed sharing the presentation that we needed to make with my class. Here is the: Presentation.

We also had to make a model and a diagram of our plant or animal. I made my model out of clay and drew my diagram. After I drew the diagram I labelled the structural features and Adaptations. Our presentation looked great and so did our model.


Three Facts I Found Interesting:

  • The Greater bilby has its pouch facing backwards so when it digs burrows sand doesn’t go in the pouch.
  • They used to have a close relative called the Lesser Bilby but that is believed to be extinct now.
  • It has large ears to cool it down quicker



  • The Greater Bilby used to range over 70% of Australia’s mainland but the arrival of exotic predators has eliminated them from most of their former range
  • The number of Bilbies left in the wild isn’t a lot. It is believed to be less than 10, 000 and that number is sadly decreasing. It is now classified as an endangered animal.



  • Is anything being done to help the Bilby to not become extinct.


The Most Important Thing I have learned from this project is:

The most important thing that I have learnt from this project is when you are working with someone or a group of people it is a very good idea to make sure that the work is balanced. During the time together ask how your teammate or teammates is/are. Make sure that they are managing their work and you are managing yours. If you decide to shift around the work then make sure that after you have shifted it around that the work is still evenly balanced so that the time isn’t stressful and it’s more fun.


How I learned it: During the time that we spent in our project I had started to realize that I had done most of the work and the positions were no longer evenly balanced. Although my partner had done some really good re-search and he helped me with sticking the annotations on the model I had done a lot more then home so the work was no longer balanced and it was a lot harder for me to manage my time and me getting around to do everything at school as well as my own personal commitments.


What I Will do With What I Have Learnt:

Next time that we do a project in groups or pairs I will make sure that all the roles are evenly manageable and that everyone will be able to do their work. If someone is uncomfortable with their work and don’t think that they can do it in time then with this knowledge I could shift the work round and maybe even swap the work so that it stay balanced.


Goals for the Next Time I Work in a Group:

A goal that I have for the next time that I work in a group is to be more relaxed and if I don’t think that something is fair or that the work is not balanced then to tell my partner first and if they won’t do anything about it to then tell my teacher. Also to check in more with my partner to make sure that they are on top of things and that they will be able to manage the work that they have to do.




This integrated topic has been fantastic because I have not just learnt about adaptations or fun facts about the Greater Bilby, I have also learnt how to work in a successful team. I have also learnt things that I can use again this term like when we do another team project (which I hope we will be doing).

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