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Now, I don’t know about you but I am a massive Harry Potter fan. The Readings Bookstore in Hawthorn held like a little trivia night and I went there I have also been to the studios in London and that’s why I thought that doing a BTN to this video would be perfect for me. So the title is called 20 years of Harry Potter so that’s what this reflection is going to be about. So it’s been 220 years since J.K Rowling introduced Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone to us. Hope you find out more. Did you know that Quidditch has now been turned into a serious sport for us “muggles”.


In 20 years there has been 7 books, 8 films, 1 play, 2 theme parks and one really funny video.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone came out in 1997.

Since then it has been translated into 73 different languages!!! That is heaps.


500 million copies of that Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone has been sold worldwide


Will there any new books of Harry Potter coming out?

If there are, my question is what would they be based on?

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  1. antsclass says:

    this is a great reflection as it connects so well to your personal experience. As a result, your passion comes through in the voice of the piece. And what a great idea to include a link to that cute video. It would indeed be fantastic if J.K Rowling did bring us more from the world of Harry Potter wouldn’t it!
    great work,

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