100 Word Challenge (Prompt Below in Piece)





I watched as the cute little penguin struggled to identify the difference between an angry, sleeping, walrus and a big rock. It was probably thinking ‘Which one do I jump on?’ or ‘which one is the rock and which ones the walrus?’ I watched as the baby penguin made a big mistake as it jumped on the angry, sleeping, grey walrus. It woke up angrily and sent the baby penguin of flying. I looked down and saw a bunch of penguins diving in the water to go and fetch the baby penguin, but then I saw something else. A seal, laughing at what had just happened. How mean, I thought.

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  1. pippa2015 says:

    I really like this! I think you deserved to be on the showcase. I don’t really see anything for you to improve on though.
    Maybe I just focus on the positive things 🙂

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