100 Word Challenge …so what lies ahead of…

Walking through the Enchanted Forest is beautiful. But, there is a dark side to it. For if you keep walking for 5 kilo metres there comes a fork in the road. A simple choice can be the difference between life and death. Choose right and you continue to walk happily. Choose left and you die a death no one has ever heard of yet. For people who venture down that path are never heard from again. It is said that if you listen closely you can hear the faint voices of people screaming out for help. So what lies ahead of that path is yet unknown, and still to be discovered. 

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  1. Mrs Tyler 100 word team says:

    Hi Sophia. What a lovely, sophisticated piece of writing. You spoke directly to the reader and you used some excellent phrasing (For if…). I loved the mystery of ‘the death that no-one knows yet’ as it really gets the mind racing and the interweaving of all the unknowns was very cleverly done. A very thought provoking piece of writing. A great job! Well done!

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