My Trip To Europe

Hi Guys,

I am writing, again, about my really nice trip to Europe. It has been so much fun so far. Except for the part where both, my sister and I, got stung by jellyfish while swimming in the ocean. Unfortunately for her she got stung 6 times on the same day and I only got stung once! Which is good for me but terrible for her.


Anyways, I am still in Sicily and we are heading off to Cefalu which is really exciting since I have never been there before. Unfortunately, we have to drive there which is probably going to take a really long time! Most of the time I am up late watching videos on YouTube (only at night since I am mostly out and about at beaches) so I got to bed pretty late and having a long drive in the car will be a good chance to have a little sleep.


Fortunately, I have been able to get hold of some more photos! These ones are all from Sicily so I hope you guys like them. Also, I am trying to get hold of some of the ones from Paris in Versailles, especially some of the gardens since they were beautiful. Hopefully in my next post on my trip I will have those photos. So here are the ones from Sicily so far:


This photo is a photo of the view where we went to a restaurant in Castel Molo. Mum hated the drive up but more, she dreaded the one back down. My mum is afraid of heights so it was pretty scary going up and down a really high mountain.



This photo is of a church in Ortegia, Siricusa, Sicily! You can probably tell by looking at the sky that it was a really beautiful day since the sky is a really pretty shade of blue. This isn’t just the only place we went to in Sicily we also went to: Acereale, Taormina, Castel Molo. Unfortunately we didn’t end up going to Mount Etna since it was very high and like I mentioned before my mum is afraid of heights. (Which is kinda weird because she works on an aeroplane so…??).


This photo is a picture of one of my ice-creams I had. I had it at Blue Sky and I thought it looked really cute since it had a little umbrella and biscotti (biscuit) and most of my friends know that i am a pretty girly type of girl so i might be the only one who thinks this pic is cute so….?? Also, the flavour was kinder if any of you were wondering. That ice-cream was delicious. 


This photo is of a beach in Ortegia that we went to. We actually went to the city for a day and we didn’t bring our bathers so we din’t get to swim in the water which was a shame since it looked absolutely beautiful! So blue and clear.


So that is it for the photos that I got a chance to send through. Hopefully in my next post on this amazing holiday there will be some photos on the gardens in Versailles. Maybe even some photos that I missed out on and are of Sicily.


Just quickly I wanted to share this with you guys in case any of you ever go to Paris and think the exact same thing. Something that my sister actually noticed while we were in Paris. In Paris there were not a lot of houses mainly hotels and apartment buildings. Also here in Sicily I don’t think I gave a description on the beach. My fellow classmates and teachers in Melbourne, please feel free to miss this part as I know that the weather has been absolutely terrible there! So, if you do not want to hear about the beautiful weather feel free to skip this little paragraph on the beach as i totally understand.


So the beach is just a 2-3 minute work from where we are staying. It is really pretty but instead of sand it has rocks so that makes it a bit uncomfortable. On the 2nd or 3rd time at the beach I encountered a jelly fish which actually stung me (as mentioned above). I thought it was just a piece of orange seaweed floating around so I swam on top of it and since I was in my bikinis it stung on my stomach and it really hurt. 🙁 🙁 🙁 . The water is really blue as well and there are plenty of really pretty stones and rocks lying on the ground. Today on September 17 my sister got stung 6 times by a jelly fish (I mentioned this earlier). She actually swam over it as well but when she got stung she thought that it was just prickly seaweed and so she kept swimming but her legs were raised. Then it stung her 4 more times and that was when she realised it was a jelly fish. I imedietly helped her and got out of the water myself. There was this family and there baby boy was swimming in the direction where the jelly fish was so I told them that there was a jelly fish and the mum actually took some photos so my mum could see what it looked like. My dad and I saw it in the water while my mum was treating my sister with some ice and so my mum didn’t actually get to see it in the water.


Anyway, so that was my post today. Overall mostly about Sicily. Tomorrow we are leaving for Cefalu (as mentioned before). I might actually be able to get a hold of the photo of the jelly fish in which case I will edit this post and add the photo below.

For now goodbye and to my friends and family at home in melbourne, Miss you all and hope it isn’t too cold to still have fun. I will be posting more on my trip to Europe so stay tuned into my blog if you want to read more.

Bye!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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    Hi Guys,
    Not relevant to the trip but if any of you guys decide to comment and happen to be on my SEPEP team can you please leave like a sentence on how we are doing since none of my friends that i text know.
    Hope you guys like my post.
    Miss you guys!!! 🙂 🙂

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