100 Word Chalenge …(Prompt is Bellow in Piece)…





CRASH! Alex, a small girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, looked up. The sound had come from her bedroom. She was sure of it. She quickly ran upstairs and slightly opened the door to her bedroom. Everything had been tossed around and messed up. She ran to the middle of the room where a lamp had shattered and beads had been left lying on the floor. There were two things that din’t belong to Alex. There were two little frozen men. One frozen as if it had just fallen over. The other standing. How peculiar, she thought to herself.


Note: (Not Part of the 100 Word Challenge) Sorry if I have posted this a little late. I haven’t had WiFi for the past 5 or so days. As some may know I have been travelling Europe with my family. Some of the places haven’t had WiFi and I have just managed to get some. So sorry if this was posted late.

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