100 Word Challenge …(Prompt is bellow in Piece)






This morning, police find bottom half of a body standing up in a lake. The person is yet to be identified but is known to have been wearing blue denim jeans and dirty grey gum boots. Bricks were laid next to the body. Top half still missing and presumed have been thrown in the lake by the killer. The bricks next to the body are being checked for fingerprints. Anyone who identifies the scenery or what the victim is wearing or who knows anything about this crime or saw anything suspicious at the scene is urged to call the police.



4 Responses

  1. Connor says:

    Good job, very realistic news piece.

  2. antsclass says:

    I love the way you have paid attention to the detail of the prompt and created a very realistic news report. I’m impressed how you created this tone through the careful use of vocabulary that is used in the news such as “identified….presumed….urged”
    Excellent work

  3. Carol (Team 100, Bromley UK) says:

    Sofia, What detailed writing, and you’ve really caught the right atmosphere created by a news report and such an appeal, well done!

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