100 WC “The Statue Man” (Prompt is below in Piece)



Most people think I am a statue

But I am not

I hear everything to puppies who are brand new

I stand there even when it’s hot


I cannot move

But that does not mean I am a statue

People say that I should removed

But no one knows how to


People think I have no face

But that is not true

Some even say I was dropped from outer space

As you can tell they have no clue


Someone struck me and now I am here

No one remembers who I am

I am all alone but I have no fear

But my name is “The Statue Man”


2 Responses

  1. niamh says:

    dear Sofia I love your story because it rhymes it reminds me of a nursery rhyme .I wonder where that statue really is? from NIAMH

  2. Sophia 3/4L says:

    Hi my name is Sophia, from st bedes
    I love your work this week. I am going to request your writing for the showcase. I love it how you did a poem

    From your writing lover Sophia

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