Letter to Libby

Dear Libby,

I am really excited to be in your class for the first time. I know that we will have a fantastic year!! I am 10 years old and I turn 11 on the 11th of February. I am a very neat and organised person too. My favourite subject is Literacy and I don’t really like Maths. (A lot of people might think this is weird) but I actually like the homework that we are given at school. It’s not that hard and it gets me out of doing chores and things like that. My 3 best friends are Eloise, Lucy and Ava. Lucy is in my class this year which I am really excited for because we have never been in a class with each other before. Lucy, Eloise and I will all be going to the same high school. The Academy of Mary Immaculate. We will also be going with another one of our friends Emily.


I am a sad about leaving some of my old friends but excited to make new ones.

About me:

I live with my Mum, Dad and little sister, Dalia. She is my Best Friend (even though I might not show it that often) but she is so annoying at most of the time. I have no pets but I really would like a puppy. Preferably a golden-brown cavoodle, really tiny and I would probably call it Coco. I also really love horses. My favourite colour is Tiffany Blue/ Aqua. I am a very organized person (like I said before) and I like to keep my room (especially my desk and draws) tidy.


I also love to read. My sister is a really big bookworm too. My mum is always having to buy me or my sister another book. My favourite series is Harry Potter by far. My favourite character is definitely Hermione. I also really love the Divergent series. They were so addictive. It was almost like I was in the book. I also like the series the School for Good and Evil and Ruby Redfort. My favourite genre would have to be fantasy but I also like mystery.

My Family:

As I said before I live with my Mum, Dad and little sister Dalia. My mum’s name is Pilar and she is a flight attendant. I love her job because it means that Dalia and I get to go to a lot of places around the world and we are very lucky. My mum is great and is always encouraging me to read even though it annoys my dad that we have to keep buying books all the time. My mum is a bit of a neat freak and when dad leaves something out (like he usually does) she will probably tell him to put it away and he gets 1 chance otherwise…. My Dad’s name is Paul and he works at our family restaurant in the city. He coaches my sister in Tennis and he is a pretty good cook. Dalia is my younger sister who also goes to MPPS. She is in Year 4 and she is very creative and funny. She likes to draw and paint. She plays Tennis and Soccer as well. She is very un-organised though which is the opposite of me. Like I mentioned before she is a massive book work. She read each Land of Stories book between 1-3 days!


Things I Like:

My favourite dancers are Maddie Ziegler and Britany Raymond. Maddie Ziegler is that girl in the Sia videos who I look up to since she is an incredible dancer. Brittany Raymond plays Riley on the Next Step which is a show that I am addicted to. She is another dancer that I look up to. I started dancing when I was 3 but stopped for a while and when I saw Brittany (as Riley) dance it was how I realized how much I missed it. I also had the pleasure of meeting her last at their concert with my friend Lucy. Here is a pic:



I was so shocked when I saw her that when my mum slapped me on the back all that came out was “Brittany”. Lol. I would love to meet her again. She was really lovely.

I also met some of the other cast members:

Victoria Baldesarra- Who plays Michelle (She is the last one in the photo below)

Lamar Johnson- Who plays West (He is the first one on the left in the photo below)

Isaiah Peck- Who plays Henry (He is the fourth one in the photo below)

Shelby Bain- Who plays Amy. (She is the third one in the photo below)



Brittany is the one me and my friend Lucy are hugging. My favourite actresses are Dove Cameron and Emma Watson. Dove Cameron plays both Liv and Maddie and also Mal in descendants 1 and 2 (and hopefully, maybe 3). Emma Watson (as you may know) plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. She also play Belle in Beauty and the beast, the one with real people.

My favourite type of music is pop! I love Little Mix and my favourite is Perrie Edwards. I also love Taylor Swift and Camilla Cabello. My favourite song by Taylor Swift is ready for it? By Camilla its Havana and by Little Mix is… ALL OF THEM!!! My favourite album is Glory Days though.



(As you may have guessed) I LOVE to dance. I don’t know what I would do without. It is my life! I have been doing it since i was 2 or 3 years old. I definetley want to be a Ballet Dancer when I am older. This year I have started at a brand new dance school. It is real exciting for me because I will be doing more hours in dance than I have ever done. My favourite style of dance is Lyrical. I think that I suits me the best too. I have a problem with remembering my own choreography though.


I also really like to sing. I have been singing at or family restaurant since I was little. I did acting for 5 years but stopped this year to focus on dance. I have never taken a singing lesson (though I should have) because I have always been more of a dancer.




What I did on my Holiday’s:

On my summer holidays I went to Merricks which is on the Mornington Peninsula. I stayed there for 3 days with my aunty Paola and Uncle Pete and my cousins, Madison and Isabella. Madison is 6 weeks older than me her birthday is January the 1st. My adorable little cousin Issy is so cute and I always pick her up every time I see her because she is like an oversized teddy bear!

I also had my friend Heidi’s birthday party. That was really fun! We went to the pool, played Capture the Flag, roasted marshmallows and had an AWESOME TIME!


What I am Excited for:

This year I am House Captain for Macarthur which is really exciting because it is my first leadership role. My friend Aaliyah is vice-captain and she can help me a lot because she is sportier than me. I am also Green Team Captain which again I am really excited for because I have never had a leadership role before. I am really excited to be learning about natural disasters. When we had that little introduction I found it really interesting. I had no idea about how they were caused and I found it very interesting. I am also excited for Inter school sports. I would really like to be Vice Captain for Netball. I really enjoyed myself last year when I played it.



What I Would Like to do When I am Older:

I would really like to be a professional ballet dancer. It has been a really big dream since I was young. I am also really good with kids so maybe some sort of teacher (maybe a ballet teacher). I have always wanted to be a dancer, I have been doing it since I was little and I LOVE it. Dance is something that helps me express what I am feeling and I just let go of every single thought I have while I am dancing. If I became a dancer when I am older it would make me so happy because it wouldn’t even be a job because I would be doing something that I love and enjoy.


That’s some stuff (sorry if it was really long) about me. Something you probably don’t know is that I am scared of ants and chickens. I don’t know why but I am. I hope you found out something new. Like I said at the start I am really looking forward to being in your class Libby and learning even more things.



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