SRC Speech

Good morning/ afternoon 5/6A,

My name is Sofia and I have been at this school for 6 years and this is now my 7th. I have always wanted to be SRC and have tried out for it every year but never gotten the role. I have experience in leadership as I am currently House Captain and Green Team Captain. Green Team is great but like I said I have always wanted to be SRC. Last year I was team coach for my SEPEP team and it was a lot of fun. I have participated in the Tournament of the Minds twice and I have also participated in chess. I have a younger sister in year 4, her name is Dalia. I have been doing the MIVIMP program for 3 years now, this is my 4th year. It is also my second year doing Band at MPPS.


SRC, SRC stands for Student Representative Council. A good student representative council needs to have many qualities. Some of these qualities involve the school values. Respect, Optimism, Care and Collaboration.


I think I would make a great SRC as I have great leadership skills, exceptional organisational and listening skills and I am a great public speaker. I have done acting for 4 or 5 years so my stage fright is basically cured. Sometimes i get nervous someone told me that that’s a sign that you care. I am confident and have great communication skills. I have a caring attitude always helping other people when they are confused with a task or they are hurt. I am willing to give up my recess and lunchtimes to have meetings to discuss what we can do to improve the school e.g. Fundraisers, raising money for new equipment and important causes like wildlife for example. One of my ideas for something we could have a fundraiser for is an air conditioner in the gym. I don’t think i am the only one that has noticed but it does get really hot in there. Another one of my ideas is we could raise money for cancer treatments and things like that. That is something i feel very strongly about


I feel that I live the school values. I am very collaborative with people and am open to ideas. At my family’s restaurant I often interact with adults mixing with people of all ages and cultures. Travelling has allowed me to be able to communicate in other languages to family and friends of different ages. I am always showing care to other students, parents and teachers. If a see someone looking hurt or just not looking 100 % out in the yard I always go up to them and ask if they are okay. And sometimes it turns out that my eyes were just playing a trick on me but it is always good to check, just in case.


I am very respectful to everyone I know and meet. I always respect students and teachers. I know when to not participate in somethings if it is wrong. If people are doing something wrong I always make sure to tell them just in case they weren’t meaning to do it. I always respect the equipment weather it is sport equipment like cones, hoola- hoops etc. or just other people’s stationary.


I feel that I am optimistic when trying new things, well… except for maths. I remember last year I had a little bit of a fear of heights and one of our activities at camp was abseiling down this giant rock. I was really terrified but I decided to be optimistic and give it a go. Even though I ended up in tears by the time I got down I was proud that I had done it.


I feel that I display a really important quality you need to have as a SRC and that is commitment. I am very committed and I show that quality a lot. I do ballet 6 hours a week and I always arrive at least 15 minutes early to stretch and get warm before we start. As an SRC you do need to be committed you need to show up to the meetings all the time and not just skip them. An SRC should be organised. I myself, might be a bit too organised. My wardrobe is colour co-ordinated and some people would probably call that a neat freak but overall what I am trying to say is that I am a very organised person.


I will continue to be good role model for those in lower grades. I look forward to learning new skills and collaborating with others on all of the planning requirements for the school and our community. I am keen to learn from my peers and I look forward to sharing ideas and working as part of a team that is committed to always improving our school.


I am in Year 6 so this is my last year that I have the opportunity to be an SRC at MPPS. I stand here giving you this speech not because I want any old leadership role, but because I want to be SRC. I want to be an SRC because it means something important to me. SRC to me means someone who is responsible and not only shows but LIVES the school values. An SRC to me is someone who is a good role model to younger students. I strongly feel that I do live the school values, I am responsible and I am a good role model towards the younger students. I would love to represent 5/6A’s class for 2018 as a SRC.

If elected SRC I promise to make myself a person that can listen to issues and represent your ideas when we have our meetings.

Quickly I want to leave you with this to think about. When I went to a high school tour for the I heard one of the students there say this and I would like to leave it with you to think about. ‘Good leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.’


Thank you.

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