BTN Reflection- What is Democracy



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In the Ancient Greek times Democracy was created. Women, slaves and people who were too poor weren’t allowed to vote though. That still left a lot of men to vote. By the middle ages Monarchy was really popular. Monarchy is when the country is ruled by a King or Queen. In the monarchy the Kings and Queens ruled and the people had no say. When the Magna Carta was created that evened things out a little bit. By the next hundred years democracy came back again. Democracy isn’t the only form of government. There are other forms like Monarchy which I mentioned before. Monarchy is someone who is born into a royal family has COMPLETE control over the people. All laws and decisions are made by that family or person. There is also Dictatorship. Dictatorship is similar to monarchy. It is where one leader has power over the country but they are not royal. In a dictatorship they often take control of the country by force. The people don’t have a lot of rights and aren’t looked after very well.


  1. The Greeks came up with Democracy during the Ancient Greek times.
  2. Democracy is a mash up of 2 Greek words. Demos meaning People. Kratos meaning power of rule. Basically together it means the rule of the people.
  3. Democracy is the most popular form of government today.


  1. When did Queens start to have a place in the monarchy, when were queens allowed to rule?
  2. Where all the people happy with the democracy?



In Australia we have a representative democracy which is where we have a representative who goes to parliament to discuss instead of everyone going to parliament.

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