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When you turn 16 in some countries it means you are allowed to learn how to drive, apply for a full time job or even getting your own debit card. Some Australians want something else to be added to the list a 16 year old can do and that is being able to vote. At the moment you need to be 18 years old but Bill Shorten wants 16 and 17 year olds to start voting. Argentina, Brazil, Scotland, Switzerland and Germany have already allowed 16 year olds to vote. Others think a better way to get young Aussies involved would be to teach them more about politics. Some think politicians could help with that. However some kids don’t want to vote. Bill Shorten thinks that if people were to start voting from a younger age it would help to encourage them.




  • Currently in Australia you have to be 18 year old to vote.
  • Some young people don’t want to vote.
  • 400 thousand 18-24 year olds didn’t vote in the last federal election which is against the law




Some Australians are worried that 16-17 year olds aren’t ready to vote. They think that they either don’t know enough about politics or won’t take it seriously enough.




If 16-17 year olds were allowed to vote would they get a choice weather they wanted to vote?

What if only 16-17 year olds voted weather or not they were allowed to vote?

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  1. libby2016 says:

    Well done Sofia. This response shows a great understanding of the article. I wonder what YOU think the voting age should be. Should it change or stay the same?

    Check the spelling and meaning of whether and weather and work out which one you should use.

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