100 Word Challenge …but what if I was in charge?…

I came into school knowing it was going to be the exact same day as every other day. I walked in with a drink in my hand and Mrs Kristie yells at me. Then Lila walks in with a drink and she smiles at her and asks her how she is. Then we do maths for 2 hours which Mrs Kristie knows I HATE. When I finish I say, “Mrs Kristie I’m done can I read now?” and then she says “No you can do the extension work. But when Lila finishes she is allowed to read. But what if I was in charge? Then things would be really different.

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  1. libby2016 says:

    Well done Sofia! I hope school is not like that for you!
    You have really engaged the reader with the chatty and engaging voice you have used. I enjoyed reading it.

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