BTN- Levels of Government








This BTN was about the 3 levels of government.


Federal is the biggest level of government. It is in charge of defending the nation, it deals with trade and foreign affairs, it’s in charge of money and taxes, communication and the environment.


State- State government is the second biggest It is in control of the 6 states, health, education, roads, transport, mining, law and order.


Local- Local is the last out of the 3. It is in charge of smaller things but they still matter. Local government is in charge of roads, garbage collection, pets, permits and buildings.

Federal government overrules the state government and state overrules the local government.


There are 3 levels of government; Federal, State and Local

The biggest level of government is Federal.

There weren’t always 3 levels of govern



Do they all get paid equally?

Are we looking at adding another level of government?


I understand that there are 3 levels of government that are all in charge of their own things.

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