100 Word Challenge …(Prompt is below in piece) …






“Crystal stop fiddling with your headband you’re going to lose it!” Crystal’s mother yelled.

“I won’t mum, oops!” Crystal’s headband flew of in the wind.

“Come on girl, help me find it.” Crystal said to Daisy, her beautiful dog


So they walked off. She was walking when she tripped over something she got up and looked down at the grass. Bellow her was a beautiful tea-cup. She tried to pick it up but it wouldn’t move. She tried to dig it out of the ground but all of a sudden she was no longer at Parker Reserve. She was somewhere… but she didn’t know where.

2 Responses

  1. charlotter2016 says:

    Hi Sofia I really liked how the character said she won’t lose the headband but she did it was really good but I noticed that one moment you were talking about headbands next a teacup and who is Daisy? Still it was a great piece of writing.
    Charlotte 😊

  2. sofiama2016 says:

    Thanks Charlotte, I hadn’t even realized i didn’t mention who Daisy was. I fixed it up a little bit.

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