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This BTN video was about Australia Day. Australia Day is on January the 26th. It is a national public holiday. On Australia Day some people like to have a BBQ with their family and/or friends. Australia Day used to be called Foundation Day. In 1998 around 1500 Aboriginal people protested for freedom, justice and hope. Today many Indigenous Australians use Australia Day to reflect on the past loss and suffering. On the eve of Australia Day the Prime Minister reveals the Australian of the Year award.


1- Australia Day is a celebration of the arrival of the First Fleet which came over 200 years ago.

2- It used to be called foundation day

3- On January 27 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip came


Not everybody in Australia celebrate Australia Day. For some people it has a different meaning.


Are they thinking of changing the name or concept of Australia Day?

How many people have stopped celebrating Australia Day?

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