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  1. Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular social media apps that are used by younger people
  2. 7 out of 10 Australians use Facebook, 1 out of 2 watch YouTube, 1 in 5 use Instagram and 1 in 6 are snapchatting.
  3. Cyber bullies can use social media to cyberbully people.



Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter YouTube etc. They are all types of social media. Social media is good and bad at the same time. A survey asked almost 1500 14-24 year olds from the UK to rate the impact on these types of social media on the health and wellbeing like anxiety bullying expression, sleep etc. Instagram had the most negative result on sleep and anxiety etc. but a positive outcome for creativity and expression. YouTube had a very bad outcome for sleep but for all the other categories everything was mostly positive.



  1. Even though the age for Instagram and Snapchat is 13 a lot of young people (not me I don’t even have an iPod, let alone a phone, let alone any social media) lie about their age, is there a way for people to stop that?
  2. If people did stop that would that maybe from the number of people who are affected by cyberbullies?



I understand that while social media can be fun to use it can also have a bad impact on other things.


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  1. sofiama2016 says:

    Just in case you guys don’t know how to get the link just click on where it says link underlined.

  2. evang2016 says:

    Hi Sofia,
    I really like how you added all of the needs
    for having snapchat instagram facebook etc.
    I also really like how you put the needed age to
    have these apps.

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