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**Not a part of Piece**- This was the first time I had every had writers block and I decided to go and look at my Best friend’s blog to see what she had wrote. I read it and it was really good so I decided to continue on from it. Also they were both Twilight based. Here is the link to hers- http://eloisej2016.global2.vic.edu.au/2018/04/25/1008/


Piece: I had just met my new family, there were like me, vampires. I had had a vision of them when I woke up from my new reborn life. When I had this vision I was standing by this statue. A weird statue but perfect for every sense I had at that exact moment. I had a vision of this family. Now I had met them, this was crazy! I ran to the statue as fast as I could, the place that I was when I had my first vision. It was there I saw him a boy but a vampire. He was coming, and I would meet him.


2 Responses

  1. Evan Gikas says:

    Hi Sofia,
    I really liked how you started from were
    Eloise’s 100wc ended.
    I also really liked how you included some
    things from twilight.

  2. zedekai2016 says:

    They really do tie together. Eloise and your stories sound like they are in a book together. Awesome collab. work! Keep it up.
    From Zedekai. 😀

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