Recently in Australia it was Anzac Day. On Anzac day we commemorate the soldiers who fought in the Gallipoli. This BTN was about a boy called Anzac. He was named after his great, great grandfather who ought in the 1st world war. Anzac is the 5th person in his family with that name. Anzac”s Great, great grandfather was called Arthur Walker. Arthur Walkers medals were returned to Anzac’s great, great, great Grandmother. Then they were given to Anzac. The day of the Gallipoli landing became known as Anzac Day. Every year since people have remembered it. ANZAC day also means something important to me as my neighbor, who sadly passed away last year, fought in World War 2. 


  • The soldiers were told that Gallipoli was going to be easy, but it wasn’t
  • Arthur survive the First World War and then went to France but disappeared. In 1916 Anzac’s family found out that he was killed in action.
  • He was one of the 60 000 Australian’s who died in World War 1.




  • Why do we only celebrate ANZAC day in Australia?
  • How many soldiers fought in Gallipoli?





  • Anzac day is not just about the Gallipoli war it is also about those who have died in wars.



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