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Two big earthquakes happened in 2009. I in Sumatra and the other in Samoa. The 1 in Samoa happened on the Pacific Ocean causing a massive earthquake to hit Samoa. 1 day later and earthquake struck Sumatra killing hundreds of people and injuring hundreds of people. People usually think that the ground we stand on is rock solid but it actually isn’t. If you went down far enough you would find a red hot molten rock. The layer of the rock that we live in is called the crust. The crust isn’t just made up of 1 solid piece though. The crust is also made up of 2 tectonic plate. Quite a few of the tectonic plates meet along the ring of fire



  • 80% of the worlds earthquakes happen in a particular area called the Ring of Fire.
  • The ring of fire is also home to 3 quarters of the worlds Volcanos
  • Tectonic plates drift on the liquid rock



  1. How many countries are in the ring of fire?
  2. What are the countries in the ring of fire?


This isn’t a coincidence




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