Short Story of 529 words

Note: This short story includes 2 of my 100 Word challenges that I have written plus a few paragraphs that I have added to make the story more connected and longer.





I sat on the cold stone floor ashamed at what had happened. How had I been so foolish? I thought as the moments of the recent events circled in my mind. I remembered the call on my phone as he said he had found another possession to help me find my parents. . I remembered the feeling of desperation as I walked across the ground. My heels annoyed me as they clacked against the very same cold stone floor that I was still sitting on. I remembered as my leather suit rubbed against my skin. I remembered my thoughts as I approached the dark lane way. I remembered me thinking that it must have been a special cushion if I had to trade my beloved violin for it. I remembered the feeling when the dark silhouette came out of now where as he spoke the words: “Scarlett, you came.”

I remembered the anger going through my body as I demanded for the cushion. I remembered the feeling when we traded objects and as soon as my violin touched his hands I remembered the ground starting to shake as I realized I had made a terrible mistake.


He must have been a very clever man, I thought as I saw one by one the buildings collapsing in front of me… and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

All of a sudden I felt his presence. I turned around quickly and saw him standing in front of me with a match in his left hand, and in his right… petrol. I watched him circle me as he leaked the petrol on the ground. With a wicked cackle he dropped the Mach on the floor and surrounding me was a ring of fire.


I lay on the ground, hopeless, as the ring of fire started to consume me. I felt the stone floor beneath my skin. I had to make the hardest decision of my life… To live, or die. Why did it have to come to this decision? What if I made the wrong one? No, I thought, I would fight against this fire, this wretched man and his terrible plot to destroy the world… and I would win!


I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought that I would win. But then, I remembered something that had happened earlier. I had seen him standing in front of me with a match in his left hand, and in his right… petrol. During that moment I remembered hearing screams and people saying “Now get out, get out!!” I remembered turning around and seeing him walk away, both of his hands full. Something else flickered in my mind, a memory, a memory of the buildings that had stopped collapsing. To save my country I had to get the violin out of his touch… forever. To save my country I had to destroy the only possession that had been left in my cradle when I had been abandoned.

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