100 Word Challenge …’when did it arrive?’ I said …

“When did it arrive?” I heard my mum say.
“When did what arrive?” I asked. My first pointe class was next week and my mum had just called me downstairs.

She handed me a present.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Open it.” My mother beckoned.

I teared the pink wrapping to reveal small and rectangular wooden box. I carefully opened it and when I saw what was inside, I burst into tears.

“Thank you Mum, I love it!”

They were my very one pointe shoes, and they were beautiful.

I went straight up stairs and practiced in them. Now they would feel comfortable by the time is started pointe classes.

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  1. lucy2016 says:

    Hi Sofia,
    I really like this 100wc. I didn’t really get one part of it though. Why was your mum saying when did it arrive and who was she saying it to?
    Otherwise it was great.

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