100 Word Challlenge …The Fangwolf…




Story: The Fangwolf is the newest mammal to ever come to the world. It’s a mix of a the bat and a wolf. The Fangwolf gets its name from the fangs that bats have and the wolf being the wolf. While it is the newest mammal to earth it is also now the rarest. The Fangwolf is such a rare species and the Fangwolf only come out on the night of the full moon. The Fangwolf also feeds on the blood of other animals. The Fangwolf’s eye colour is yellow and they have black wings and a brown coat of fur. Everyone welcome, the Fangwolf, as the newest mammal to earth.

6 Responses

  1. Sophie says:

    Your story is very interesting. I like your reprotive writing genre style and think that you have invented a very clever creature,

  2. Sophie says:

    By the way, We love Brittany Raymond too,
    Lulu and Sophie.

  3. Eloise's blog says:

    Twilight huh,
    fang as in vampire
    wolf as in werewolf

  4. lucy2016 says:

    Hi Sof,
    This 100wc was really creative, interesting and intriguing. I do think that you could have replaced the word fangwolf with it a few times because when you read it aloud it sounds a bit strange saying fangwolf and saying it again in the next sentence and then the next.
    It was still really great and I love how you based it off of your favourite movie TWILIGHT. Overall it was a really descriptive and informative.
    -Lucy (here is the link for my post: http://lucy2016.global2.vic.edu.au/2018/05/16/100wc-term-2-week-5/)

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