BTN- Herald Sun Article: Volcano in Hawaii







This week we did another herald sun article instead of a BTN. This Herald Sun article was about a huge volcano eruption in Hawaii. Hawaiians ran for the lives when hot lava and toxic gases spewed out onto the streets. All if this was caused by a huge and recent Volcano eruption in Hawaii. Some people were allowed to rush home and collect their pets and belongings but others couldn’t because of the poisonous gases.



  1. The volcano was very powerful and was a magnitude of 6.9
  2. The lava flew 70 metres into the air
  3. The volcano cause a cliff to collapse into the ocean



  1. How long was it before residents could go back to their homes?
  2. How many homes were destroyed by the lava?


  1. I understand the causes of volcanos and how dangerous they can be.

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