5/6 Webinar Session

Today we had an online webinar session. We answered questions and had Caitlyn type up the answers onto the webinar chat. The webinar session was about privacy and different strategies we can use to help protect our personal information. Privacy is about controlling your personal information the online world. Did you know 12% of young people within the age groups of year levels 3-6’s are getting scammed and/or have experienced fraud?

We talked about indications of a virus. Such as:

-Incorrect grammar in warnings.

-A message that has a line telling you to ‘hurry up’ or ‘it is your last chance to collect’.

– A message that says “You have (1) package hurry up and collect”

  • If they didn’t use your name it’s probably a scam
  • If you didn’t order a package it’s probably a scam
  • The 1 is in brackets and doesn’t need to be, probably a scam.


We also talked about hacking. Is it just people who you don’t know that can scam you? No, your friend can be a fake friend and hack or spam you.


  • They could think it is a joke.
  • They could spam you with a chain msg.
  • If you tell your friend your password and then 3 months later you are no longer friends they could then hack you.
  • Your friends could even accidentally spread a virus onto your computer.


We also talked about ways to protect your privacy.

  • Don’t tell your friends your passwords.
  • On social media make sure your accounts are private.
  • Have firewalls.
  • Report inappropriate content.
  • Update security info.
  • Report scams.
  • Block scammers.
  • Turn of your location and GPS.
  • Back up your data.
  • Use strong passwords that won’t be easy to guess.
  • Put avatars on your social media accounts instead of your actual face.
  • And do not use your full name on social media accounts!

These things above could help you to protect your privacy online. Make sure to not tell your friends your passwords and one of the most important ones is to not use your full name on social media accounts.

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