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This week’s BTN video was about how even though a natural disaster isn’t shown on the TV anymore doesn’t mean that everything is back to normal and the city is recovered. After a natural disaster it can be very had for the city where the natural disaster hot to get back on with their normal lives.


  1. Shelter, food and clean water are the 3 main things that people need. Clean water because dirty water can become contaminate with disease and germs. Food is needed and better canned because unlike fresh food it can’t go off. Shelter is needed because when a Natural Disaster hits it can destroy heaps of people’s homes. So in the process of recovery people like engineers can bee just a needed as medical workers.
  2. When Natural Disasters occur it can take years for the people in the city to recover from the natural disaster.
  3. Sometimes you need too re lid entire communities from scratch!


  1. What has been the most dangerous natural Disaster that has happened?
  2. What was the biggest natural disaster that ha happened?


I understand that even though natural disasters stop being covered on the news it doesn’t mean that they are over.

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    Hi Sofia,
    I love Your blog it’s really nicely set out.
    I really like the way you set your writing out so neatly and easy for people to understand whats going on.
    Ava. 😊

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