All Children Should Have to Play Sport! (Persuasive Piece)

Imagine a world where people aren’t stuck inside are always on their mobile phones their homes watching Netflix because they have nothing to do. A world where teenagers aren’t always obsessing about how many followers on Instagram they’ve got. A world where kids aren’t bored to death just waiting for something fun or interesting to happen. Do you really want a world like that? Then go ahead and sign up or enrol your child in a sport! Your child won’t be stuck inside watching Netflix everyday afterschool. Instead they will be outside playing a sport and in the process becoming more active. We find it terrible that kids aren’t getting enough physical activity. If every child had to play sport then things would be very different. Child obesity rates would be more likely to decrease. So, let’s make sport something that should be a part of every child’s lives!


Did you know that in 2014-2015 that 1 in 4 children suffered from obesity according to the Overweight and Obesity Overview? It’s now 2018, imagine what the levels are now. Don’t you wonder why the child obesity rates or so high? Well maybe that’s because kids aren’t as active as they should be. They aren’t getting enough physical activity. If kids had to play sport that would help them become more active. If children are active then that leads to the child obesity rates going down and that leads to a much happier and healthier world! Don’t you want that? Do it for your child’s well-being and get your child active!


Do you want to live in a world where kids/teenagers are always on their phone? Kids/teenagers care so much about their mobile devices and precious social media that now it’s starting to become a bit of an issue: e.g. – cyberbullying. However, if your child must do a sport then that is less time that your child won’t be on his/ hers devices. Like I said earlier, cyberbullying is a big issue. If all kids had to play a sport that’s less time they have to write, read, see or worry about mean comments online. Did you know that the legal age to have Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and Snapchat is 13 years old? That means everyone who has anyone of those social media accounts above and is not 13 years old or over isn’t actually at the legal age to have anyone of those social media accounts. Playing a sport is consuming the time that your child could possibly be on their mobile devices 13 years old or not, cyber-bullied or not it is still better for your child to be outside paying a sport then inside on a screen.


Life skills that are vital for children to learn can also be taught if your child plays a sport. For example, teamwork and sportsmanship. Teamwork is vital, important and a very valuable life skill to learn for when you’re older and have a job. Team sports like Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Volleyball and Softball all require the players to work together. If your child plays a sport then they can learn valuable life skills.


Okay, so there is one more thing that is vital to your child’s life. FUN! Do you want your child to have a miserable, unhappy, dreadful life? What kind of parent wants that? Your child can possibly create so many more friends by playing a team sport. Friends lead to fun. When you’re playing a sport there is nothing more important than having fun while you are playing sport.


Do something to make a difference to your child’s life! Do something that will make your chid happy. Do something to stop your child from becoming one of those 1 in 4 children that suffer from child obesity. Do something that will make your child happy. Do something that will make your child’s life happier and more fun! Do something to get them of that couch! Enrol or sign them up in a team sport. All children should have to play sport!

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    Hi Sofia,
    You clearly never fail to impress, entertain, persuade and give important info.
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