100 WC ……Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock …

I regularly checked the clock as I waited for my mother to get home. I felt powerful, dangerous, and wild. There was nothing anyone could do to stop me, my heart was frozen, like ice. I heard the door squeak open and I took one last smell of the lime scent in my living room. The gasoline was spread all over the living room floor and I watched the horror on my mother’s face as I dropped the lighter to the ground. We both rushed outside quickly enough to escape the flames, such beautiful flames. Powerful, dangerous and wild, that… was me. I had just done that, with no regrets.


2 Responses

  1. adelaide2016 says:

    really descriptive and interesting it made me not want to stop reading.

  2. lucy2016 says:

    Hi Sofia,
    Quite a dramatic story. Very descriptive and intriguing.
    (thumbs up)

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