I slowly opened the door to my old house. I thought that it would have been better looked after but I guess that when I left my sister did the same. Something had been cooked but was left on the stove. I stared out the smashed window where I could see the river I used to swim in. I was so nervous. I started to walk up the old staircase when I heard a creek. I looked down and realized that one of the steps was broken. Slowly kneeling down I lifted the step up and there it was. My old pink box and inside, a USB.

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  1. Terry TEAM 100WC says:

    Hi Sophia thanks for this lovely 100WC story that you have structured so well. I like the general air of tenseness and mystery throughout and especially the finding of the USB. This leaves things open for so much more content and it suggests a possible follow up story about what is on the stick. I was aware of questions like ‘who left the food’ and ‘is the house abandoned’; some great atmosphere. Well done.

  2. zedekai2016 says:

    Nice 100wc! Really love the description!
    -Zede 🙂

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