100 Word Challenge … but what colour should it be? …

I had almost finished. The design was done and i had someone who could make my perfect dream graduation dress. The shoes were organised and so was my hair. However, there was one thought that kept bugging me, but what colour should it be? I like a soft pink, or a bold red or even a blue. Aaarggh! Now this was starting to get stressful. It was graduation. Everything had to be perfect. Perfect! What if I didn’t have the perfect colour and it all turned out to be a disaster. No, I think… soft pink. Yes that is the colour. The perfect colour for my dream dress.


*NOT APART OF THE 100 WC- Go check out Eloise’s which is where i got my inspiration for this piece. Here is the link- http://eloisej2016.global2.vic.edu.au/2018/09/04/100wc-19/ **

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  1. Terry TEAM 100WC says:

    Hello Sofia, I really liked your use of punctuation and I especially liked the very expressive language. I could sense your pent up frustration as you tried to decide on colour schemes. Glad that the piece showed you got it all right in the end as we like happy endings at 100 WC.

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