100 Word Challenge … because I said so…

“Hey mum, can I go shopping tomorrow with Vanessa?”

“No, sorry you have enough clothes and I am not giving you anymore money.”

“Mum! Why can’t I go?”

Because I said so. Now Izzy, can you please drop this?

“Mum! I am going to have nothing to do tomorrow! Plus, I haven’t seen Vanessa and ages! Please?”

I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go. I am doing absolutely nothing tomorrow! And my room is absolutely spotless.

“Izzy, I said no! Now go upstairs please.”

“Ugh, fine!” I walked upstairs very slowly. Slow enough to over hear that I was going to have to babysit my little brother tomorrow. Great!

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  1. zedekai2016 says:

    Like it, but remember to go to the next line when a newperson is talking!

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