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Writing- The Second Life (Alice Cullen)

The Second Life   Alice Cullen     Written and Published By Eloise and Sofia   I woke up on the cold stone floor. Where was I? Why was I here? I look around me and all I can see are stone walls. Grey, cold, dark stone. The floor was the same. Everything was dark. […]

All Children Should Have to Play Sport! (Persuasive Piece)

Imagine a world where people aren’t stuck inside are always on their mobile phones their homes watching Netflix because they have nothing to do. A world where teenagers aren’t always obsessing about how many followers on Instagram they’ve got. A world where kids aren’t bored to death just waiting for something fun or interesting to […]

BTN- Water Crisis

LINK- SUMMARY-PINK RECALLS-BLUE QUESTIONS-LILAC UNDERSTANDING-PURPLE     This week we did a BTN video. It was bout a drought in Cape Town, South Africa. In Cape Town there is a really bad drought going on and they even have water restrictions and they are very low. The taps are even starting to run dry.   […]

BTN- Distaster Recovery

LINK- SUMMARY-PINK RECALLS-BLUE QUESTIONS-LILAC INSIGHT-PURPLE     This week’s BTN video was about how even though a natural disaster isn’t shown on the TV anymore doesn’t mean that everything is back to normal and the city is recovered. After a natural disaster it can be very had for the city where the natural disaster hot […]

5/6 Webinar Session

Today we had an online webinar session. We answered questions and had Caitlyn type up the answers onto the webinar chat. The webinar session was about privacy and different strategies we can use to help protect our personal information. Privacy is about controlling your personal information the online world. Did you know 12% of young […]

BTN- Herald Sun Article

LINK- SUMMARY-PINK BLUE- RECALLS QUESTIONS-LILAC INSIGHT-PURPLE   This week we did a herald sun article instead of a BTN reflection. It was about Australian cyclones, storms and bushfires. There were 2 main events that the article focused on, 1 was a cyclone in Darwin. Trees ripped through the ground and power lines were damaged. The […]

BTN- Social Media Negativity

LINK- RECALLS- BLUE SUMMARY-PINK UNDERSTANDING- PURPLE QUESTIONS- LILAC   Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular social media apps that are used by younger people 7 out of 10 Australians use Facebook, 1 out of 2 watch YouTube, 1 in 5 use Instagram and 1 in 6 are snapchatting. Cyber bullies can use social media […]

100 Word Challenge …Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…

“Riley, don’t freak out but there is this giant animal coming towards you when I say 3 don’t scream or talk just run and stay close to me okay?” Mackenzie said. “What!” Riley whispered in horror. “1, 2, 3!” Mackenzie said! Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to get out […]