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BTN- History of Voting

  LINK- SUMMARY-PINK RECALLS-BLUE QUESTIONS-LILAC UNDERSTANDING-PURPLE   This BTN video was about the history of voting and how it has changed over the years.   1843- Australia’s First Parliamentary Election When voting became compulsory women were not allowed to vote. Most women didn’t even get much of a say in everyday life. However, in the […]

BTN- Australia Day

LINK- SUMMARY- PINK RECALLS- BLUE UNDERSTANDING- PURPLE QUESTIONS- LILAC   This BTN video was about Australia Day. Australia Day is on January the 26th. It is a national public holiday. On Australia Day some people like to have a BBQ with their family and/or friends. Australia Day used to be called Foundation Day. In 1998 […]

BTN Reflection- Voting Age

  LINK SUMMARY- PINK RECALLS- BLUE UNDERSTANDING- PURPLE QUESTIONS- LILAC When you turn 16 in some countries it means you are allowed to learn how to drive, apply for a full time job or even getting your own debit card. Some Australians want something else to be added to the list a 16 year old […]

BTN Reflection- What is Democracy

LINK Summary-PINK Recalls- BLUE Understandings- PURPLE Questions- LILAC   In the Ancient Greek times Democracy was created. Women, slaves and people who were too poor weren’t allowed to vote though. That still left a lot of men to vote. By the middle ages Monarchy was really popular. Monarchy is when the country is ruled by […]

SRC Speech

Good morning/ afternoon 5/6A, My name is Sofia and I have been at this school for 6 years and this is now my 7th. I have always wanted to be SRC and have tried out for it every year but never gotten the role. I have experience in leadership as I am currently House Captain […]

100 Word Challenge …(prompt bellow in piece)…

  Prompt:   “Want to do something Hayley?” Ruby asked. “Yeah. Do you want to go to the park?” “Finally something to do.”   The girls went down stairs to the park and sat down on the grass. “Let’s make stick people, you know out of sticks.” “Fine by me.” Said Hayley.   The girls […]

BTN- Magna Carta

LINK SUMMARY-PINK RECALLS-BLUE UNDERSTANDING-PURPLE QUESTIONS-LILAC   This video was about how the Magna Carta was established. When King John, who was a cruel and unfair king was ruling over England a lot of people were unhappy. Some of the barons got together and decided that they would meet with king john to negotiate some rules. […]