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The Greater Bilby Adaptations Project Reflection

This term in Integrated Studies we had to do an adaptations project on an animal that has adapted over time to an environment, specifically I the desert. My partner was Jake and our animal was The Greater Bilby. It was a really fun and interesting term. I really enjoyed myself doing this project and finding […]

The Greater Bilby Adaptations Predictions

I think that an adaptation for The Greater Bilby might be its big ears. A reason for this might be; when it gets cool it can cover more surface area. Another Adaptation might be its claws so it can dig holes in the ground quicker. I don’t know much about this animal so I am […]

Federation Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, I strongly believe it would be wise to give Federation another go. After all we have more reasons now. I believe we should all try Federation because it would be much easier to create laws. I think a strong law would be to let women vote. South Australia have already made it […]